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2023-01-12 V1 api breaking changes during the alpha period


  1. A new id generation algorithm is adopted, please make sure to use int64 type to store ids, using int32 may overflow.
  2. Removed GET /allOrders API
  3. Added GET /historyOrders API
  4. The GET /order API only returns inactive orders, please use the GET /openOrder or GET /openOrders APIs for active orders query.
  5. The responseType field in the POST /order API is removed.
  6. The DELETE /order API and DELETE /allOpenOrders API now return 204 http status and no data in body.


  1. In the ORDER_UPDATE event in Account Stream, the orders field is changed to order, the filed type is changed from list to object.
  2. A new event type TRADE_UPDATE is added to Account Stream.
  3. The sequence field in Orderbook Stream Update Event is replaced by two new fields beginSequence and endSequence.

Data structure

  1. The trades field is no longer included in the return of Order data.