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Websocket Account Stream

There is only one stream type for accounts, and the events are distinguished internally by different event names.

Please view Websocket General Info to learn how to establish a WebSocket connection.


The account stream can only be subscribed via the raw stream (/v1/single).


Stream Name: account@<evm_address>

  • In the user's single connection, a URL parameter called marketId can be passed. Only ORDER_UPDATE and TRADE_UPDATE events related to this market will be returned in this connection.


When creating a connection, the timestamp and signature must be provided as query parameters. Please refer to private endpoint authentication, the logic behind is the same.

For example:


If an incorrect signature is provided, or the timestamp is more than 5 seconds away from the server, the request will be rejected and the connection will be aborted.

Generate valid timestamp and signature

  1. generate a timestamp in millisecond unit
  2. conduct a string in this format account=<evm_address>&timestamp=<timestamp>
  3. hash the string with keccak256
  4. use the corresponding private key to sign the hash
  5. convert the signature to hex string

Test case:

# Test private key
pk: 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001

# pararms
address: 0x7E5F4552091A69125d5DfCb7b8C2659029395Bdf
timestamp: 1

# after step 2, you should get this string
dataToSign: account=0x7E5F4552091A69125d5DfCb7b8C2659029395Bdf&timestamp=1

# after step3, you should get this hash
hash: 0x85d676ee821d5c20716fbeb15d13d746aed151347de335fd9c8ab06497f54802

# after step 4, you should get this signature
signature: 0x242e3704e2cbe5a242c604f312448626029480c2cb9403883834c58fd2a2e7e21f60c100bc74d13554e1c722f403ece645d344347a875cf08618de3acf5b76bb01


All events that may appear in this stream.

Account Update

"balances": {
"availableCreditAmounts": {
"btcusdc": {
"buy": "7373.0064",
"sell": "30256.7964"
"ethusdc": {
"buy": "3686.5032",
"sell": "3686.5032"
"availableMargin": "368.65032",
"exposure": "11441.895",
"frozenMargin": "0",
"isSafe": true,
"leverage": "12.162588",
"marginRate": "0.082219",
"netValue": "940.74507",
"pendingWithdrawPrimaryCreditAmount": "0",
"pendingWithdrawSecondaryCreditAmount": "0",
"perpetualBalances": {
"btcusdc": {
"creditAmount": "-11500.64995",
"paperAmount": "0.5",
"serialNumber": 1
"ethusdc": {
"creditAmount": "0",
"paperAmount": "0",
"serialNumber": 0
"positionMargin": "572.09475",
"primaryCreditAmount": "999.50002",
"secondaryCreditAmount": "0"
"event": "ACCOUNT_UPDATE",
"positions": [
"marketId": "btcusdc",
"side": "LONG",
"status": "OPEN",
"size": "0.5",
"maxSize": "0.5",
"unrealizedPnl": "-58.75495",
"realizedPnl": "0",
"entryPrice": "23001.2999",
"exitPrice": "0",
"closedAt": null,
"sumOpen": "0.5",
"sumClose": "0",
"liquidationPrice": "21651.855525",
"lastUpdatedAt": 1658541980614


exposureSTRINGYESTotal position exposure, in quoted asset unit.
netValueSTRINGYESThe net worth of an account, in quoted asset unit.
leverageSTRINGYESexposure / netValue
marginRateSTRINGYESnetValue / exposure
frozenMarginSTRINGYESThe margin occupied by open orders
primaryCreditAmountSTRINGYESThe value of primaryAmount on the blockchain, in quoted asset unit. Corresponds to the amount of currency deposited.
secondaryCreditAmountSTRINGYESThe value of secondaryAmount on the blockchain, in quoted asset unit.
pendingWithdrawPrimaryCreditAmountSTRINGYESThe value of pendingWithdrawPrimaryCreditAmount on the blockchain, in quoted asset unit.
pendingWithdrawSecondaryCreditAmountSTRINGYESThe value of pendingWithdrawSecondaryCreditAmount on the blockchain, in quoted asset unit.
perpetualBalancesOBJECTYESReal-time data on the blockchain for each perpetual contract trading pair.
availableCreditAmountsOBJECTYESThe amount of funds that can be used to buy or sell in each market, in quoted asset unit.


The response has the same structure as the Position response.

Order Update


"event": "ORDER_UPDATE",
"order": {
"id": 572262767,
"account": "0x1EdAd6DaD44367a6e0e342E76e9Df595049b8224",
"marketId": "btcusdc",
"side": "SELL",
"price": "21000",
"tif": "GTC",
"type": "LIMIT",
"amount": "0.01",
"availableAmount": "0",
"filledAmount": "0",
"canceledAmount": "0",
"pendingAmount": "0.01",
"expiredAmount": "0",
"failedAmount": "0",
"json": {
"perp": "0x0eC7f726E7e64aB93dE3AA9d238684d99262c53f",
"signer": "0x1EdAd6DaD44367a6e0e342E76e9Df595049b8224",
"sender": "0x7777405dB28BcAc40F6FD2AABc62751384aAD38c",
"paperAmount": "-10000000000000000",
"creditAmount": "210000000",
"info": "0x00005af3107a40000001c6bf52634000000001819149fb1e8d670a252ebc350a"
"hash": "0x000B8BcAc40F6Dc6DaD4436bf520F6F2AaABc62119fb1e89fb1e8d670a2c350a",
"createdAt": 1655999957825,
"status": "FILLED"
"index": 8763157,
"timestamp": 1675481351242

The order field in the response has the same structure as the Order response.

It is possible to receive consecutive ORDER_UPDATE events for an order. Note that these messages are not pushed in strict order of occurrence. Please determine the order according to the index in the message, a larger index means a later occurrence.

Trade Update


"event": "TRADE_UPDATE",
"trade": {
"id": 23,
"commission": "-0.119924",
"isMaker": false,
"isBuyer": false,
"marketId": "btcusdc",
"price": "29981",
"amount": "0.008",
"quoteAmount": "239.848",
"time": 1656125389579,
"status": "SETTLED",
"timeInForce": "GTC",
"realizedPNL": "0",
"orderType": "LIMIT"
"index": 8763300,
"timestamp": 1675481351242

The trade field in the response has the same structure as the Trade response.

Income Update


"event": "INCOME_UPDATE",
"incomes": [
"id": 1289,
"type": "FUNDING_FEE",
"amount": "-17.032035",
"time": 1656000030678,
"marketId": "btcusdc"

The income list in the response has the same structure as the Income response.